What We Do

We help our clients navigate Washington’s legislativeand regulatory landscape

Direct Advocacy

Our deep policy expertise, knowledge of parliamentary procedure and established reputation among policymakers  enables us to effectively advance our clients’ interests. We assist our clients in educating policymakers as to the real-world implications of legislative and regulatory proposals.

Strategic Planning

We work with each of our clients to develop a strategic roadmap for achieving specific policy objectives. Clients leverage our understanding of the decision-making processes across the congressional, regulatory and executive branch arenas. Whether a client is looking to advance new legislation or educate regulators on the impact of rulemaking, we develop a winning strategic approach for each situation.

Alliances and Coalitions

We leverage our extensive network to help identify and develop strategic alliances, leading to broader support for our clients’ policy objectives.

Real-Time Intelligence

We know that actionable intelligence is the cornerstone of informed decision-making. That’s why we proactively engage with key congressional committees and federal agencies, gathering relevant information and disseminating it to our clients in ways that will guide their overall business and advocacy strategies.

Regulatory Support

Our team’s subject-matter expertise can help you stay on top of regulatory developments and identify potential opportunities to influence agency action. We can help you better understand and respond to rulemaking by providing public comments.

Special Situations

We work with clients to navigate a variety of complex capital markets situations that intersect with the legislative and regulatory arenas, including municipal bankruptcies, federal inquiries and investigations, and litigation and legal disputes. Fed Hall positions its clients to navigate the most sensitive situations with the least amount of reputational risk.

The bigger congressional threat is the likely string of hearings and investigations that the banking and financial services committees will initiate.Roberti told CNBC on Tuesday.

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