Fed Hall operates at the crossroads ofAmerican capitalism and government

Fed Hall was founded in 2017 by three Washington DC veterans with extensive congressional, regulatory and advocacy experience. Since its inception, Fed Hall has continued to grow in a bipartisan and bicameral way, with a team that boasts more than a century of combined experience – making it one of the top boutique government affairs firms in the nation’s capital.

In a busy and challenging year for the influence world, these are the people who wielded their clout and knowledge most effectively for their clients.– the Hill’s Top Lobbyists 2020

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The firm takes its name from Federal Hall, the iconic landmark located at the corner of Wall and Broad Streets in New York City.

The original Federal Hall was the site where the first Congress met and where President George Washington took the oath of office. It is mere steps away from the site where in 1792 the Buttonwood Agreement was signed, leading to the establishment of the New York Stock Exchange and Manhattan’s development into the financial capital of the world.

Federal Hall stands at the birthplace of American capitalism and American government. Today, our firm operates at the crossroads of those two ideals.

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